Please come Guruji” was the call from Purnima-the orphaned child adopted by Guruji.

See I brought flowers, come I have to do your puja (worship) for Guru Purnima.” Purna what Guruji called her rushed inside the hut he resided.

She lovingly clutched his hands & summoned him, “Guruji, Guruji”. Guruji was meditating. He slowly opened his eyes & smiled remembering how he had found Purna & christened her.

Placing his right hand on her head he thought, “How could anyone abandon this beautiful Shyama (dark) girl with curly hairs & big questioning eyes at a tender age of 4-5 days in front of his ashram?

He was lost in his thoughts while Purna called him again, “Guruji, come on we are getting late. I have got to play too. What do you think so much?

Guruji smiled & replied, “Nothing you are growing fast, seven years old big girl”.

Purna’s eyes brightened in amazement as if she didn’t expect that answer.

He picked Pruna up on his lap, “And, you have grown heavy too. Or am I growing old?

Purna almost yelled, “No you can’t get old” & cuddled him hard as if he was the only valuable possession of her life. Her tender soul frightened even on the thought of losing her soul friend, parents & teacher Guruji.

Guruji said, “But then every person has to grow old & die one day dear”.

Purna denied with insanity, “You cannot die. I cannot live without you”.

Guruji just holded Purna lovingly, “Yes, I cannot die because I always reside in your memories. You know that’s my achievement & permanent place. Even if I am not present bodily my soul shall always reside with you.”

Purna keep wondering with widened deer eyes.

He questioned, “Now where is my gift of Guru Purnima?

His question broke Purna’s hallucination. She asked with all innocence, “Guruji what do you want?

He answered, “A promiseNever to forget me & never to think that you are alone”.

She replied, “Promised and mine?

Guruji cuddled her hard & said, “Yours. Take complete of me Purna because you complete me for you are Guru’s Purnima

_Such should be the relation between a Guru  & Sishya that they find eternity among themselves.


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